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@ryeong9: ハッピーな1日になりますように~^^ 행복한 하루가 되길 ~^^ 

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Honey you're right you need to get the he'll out or there... I'm sorry you have to feel like this and I hope you find a solution to getting away from that woman soon. Please stay strong.

Thanks, but I have like 4 more years till I can get away from her. And I’ll stay as strong as I can. Thanks~

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It is 12am and my mom came barging in my room demanding that I take cough medicine because I couldn’t stop coughing, and when I refused to take it she proceeded to scream at me and tell me that I only care about myself….she just kept yelling things like that at me…and I freaked out and went into panic mode, when that happens I need nothing more than to get away from the problem. The only way I could get away from her was to hide in my closet. And now she’s standing outside my closet door screaming at me that I’m a 2 year old, despite it being 12am she’s yelling her lungs out at me… Oh yeah and did I mention she threatened to hit me if I didn’t take the cough medicine.

I care about a lot of people, but her, I don’t give a shit about her. Yes she is the woman that gave birth to me, but a mom? No. She treats me like shit and continues to make me feel worse every day. She knows I deal with depression and anxiety, yet she continues to scream at me, which is the biggest trigger there is for me and she knows. She also threatens me and tells me I’m selfish for needing to get away from her. Now just how the fuck am I being selfish when she’s literally causing me to have a panic attack and I absolutely need to get away from her at that time, because I’m panicking.

I think I’m going to end up sleeping in my closet again. Yes I said again, I’ve slept in my closet multiple times before, because of her, because she causes me to have panic attacks and I need to get away from her when that happens.

Now please tell me, isn’t it pretty fucking ridiculous that I now have to sleep in my closet all because I simply refused to take some nasty cough medicine?

I mean who the fuck barges into someone’s room at 12am demanding that they take some stupid cough medicine and then threatens them when they refuse???? THAT’S SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

Oh yes and she also took my computer away from me again after I had just got it back. Great now I’m stuck with the stupid tumblr app.

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Reblog if you love the person in your icon.

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그대가 괴롭다면 노래 불러 소리 질러 날려버리고
If you are annoyed, sing a song, scream, throw it away

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jessica english lines

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Where can I buy the Mamacita album to help them out in the album sales?


The sites you should buy from that count the album sold item in the Hanteo chart are: DVD Heaven | Synnara | YesAsia | KpopTown | Leesmusic .

I got mine from YesAsia. :)

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How did kpop change your life (speaking to ur blog name)

It literally saved my life…it makes me a happier person.

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Somebody send me something. Somebody talk to me.
Somebody ask me something.
I’m so bored.
Help a fellow friend out.

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Reblog if you want a cute bias anon letter in your ask.


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write a fanfiction in my ask.


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October 14 = 10/14 = XXIV


"VIXX" backwards

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i need your grace to remind me to find my own

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Down into the rabbit hole


These are the currently known facts about the situation

  1. Jessica is no longer part of GG
  2. The Members wore Blanc merchandise to the airport
  3. The members cried at the Chinese event yesterday
  4. The members have been visually distressed for the past 2 days
  5. Jessica was forced out;…